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Newsletter Calculator:

A lightning-fast way of comparing providers

Here’s a pricing overview of the best do-it-yourself newsletter providers. They’re ideal for smaller companies and middle-class entrepreneurs. All of these tools are ready and waiting for you to try them out!

Just pick whether you’re interested in a pay as you go plan (prepaid) or a subscription plan, and enter the number of recipients:

Newsletter Calculator

Number of e-mails:
The least expensive providers for
Provider Price Number of
Number of recipients Remarks Plan Type Provider ID Trial
Benchmark0140002000Free plan has limited features224
CleverReach01000250Free plan with limitations218
MailChimp0120002000Free plan has limited features211
Mailerlite0unlimited1000Free plan offers access to ALL features226
Mailjet060006000Limited to 200 emails per day220
Newsletter2Go09999991000 free monthly emails, Price charged in Euro.119
Newsletter2Go0100010001000 free monthly emails, Price charged in Euro.219
Sendinblue090009000Emails include branding, daily quota.217
Sendinblue7.374000040000Emails include branding, no daily quota.217
Mailjet7.493000030000Basic plan220
Newsletter2Go8.72820002000Includes 1000 free emails, Price charged in Euro.219
Active Campaign9unlimited500Basic plan214
MailChimp9300300 111
Mailerlite10unlimited2500Discounts available for yearly contracts226
Newsletter2Go10.91100010001000 free monthly emails, Price charged in Euro.119
CleverReach12500500 118
CleverReach12unlimited500 218
GetResponse15unlimited1000Standard Email plan212
Active Campaign17unlimited1000Basic plan214
CleverReach1710001000 118
CleverReach17unlimited1000 218
Aweber19unlimited500 213
Constant Contact20unlimited500Standard Email Plan, Discounts available215
Mailerlite20unlimited5000Discounts available for yearly contracts226
Newsletter2Go21.8260006000Includes 1000 free emails, Price charged in Euro.219
Mailjet21.956000060000Basic plan220
GetResponse25unlimited2500Standard Email plan212
Sendinblue2750005000 117
Benchmark28.85unlimited2500 224
Active Campaign29unlimited2500Basic plan214
Aweber29unlimited2500 213
CleverReach2925002500 118
CleverReach29unlimited2500 218
ConvertKit29unlimited1000 222
MailChimp3010001000 111
MailChimp30unlimited2500 211
MailChimp35unlimited2600 211
Mailerlite35unlimited10000Discounts available for yearly contracts226
Sendinblue396000060000Includes all advanced features217
Benchmark39.95unlimited3500 224
Constant Contact40unlimited2500Standard Email Plan, Discounts available215
MailChimp40unlimited2700 211
Newsletter2Go43.64500050001000 free monthly emails, Price charged in Euro.119
Newsletter2Go43.641100011000Includes 1000 free emails, Price charged in Euro.219
Active Campaign45unlimited5000Basic plan214
MailChimp45unlimited2800 211
Benchmark46.95unlimited5000 224
Sendinblue471000010000 117
Aweber49unlimited5000 213
ConvertKit49unlimited3000 222
Drip49150002500No limit for Autoresponder emails221
GetResponse49unlimited5000Standard Email plan212
Mailerlite50unlimited15000Discounts available for yearly contracts226
MailChimp50unlimited5000 211
CleverReach52unlimited5000 218
MailChimp55unlimited5200 211
CleverReach5850005000 118
Benchmark59.95unlimited7000 224
Constant Contact60unlimited5000Standard Email Plan, Discounts available215
MailChimp6020002000 111
MailChimp60unlimited5400 211
GetResponse65unlimited10000Standard Email plan212
MailChimp65unlimited5600 211
Mailerlite65unlimited20000Discounts available for yearly contracts226
Sendinblue66120000120000Includes all advanced features217
Aweber69unlimited10000 213
Active Campaign70unlimited10000Basic plan214
MailChimp70unlimited5800 211
Newsletter2Go70.91510000100001000 free monthly emails, Price charged in Euro.119
Benchmark73.95unlimited10000 224
Mailjet74.95150000150000Basic plan220
CleverReach75unlimited7500 218
MailChimp75unlimited10000 211
ConvertKit79unlimited5000 222
Ontraport79unlimited1000 223
Mailerlite80unlimited25000Discounts available for yearly contracts226
Sendinblue812000020000 117
CleverReach8675007500 118
Newsletter2Go87.282600026000Includes 1000 free emails, Price charged in Euro.219
Constant Contact90unlimited10000Standard Email Plan, Discounts available215
CleverReach921000010000 118
CleverReach92unlimited10000 218
Mailerlite95unlimited30000Discounts available for yearly contracts226
ConvertKit99unlimited8000 222
Drip99300005000No limit for Autoresponder emails221
MailChimp10050005000 111
Mailerlite110unlimited35000Discounts available for yearly contracts226
CleverReach115unlimited15000 218
ConvertKit119unlimited10000 222
Mailerlite120unlimited40000Discounts available for yearly contracts226
Benchmark120.95unlimited15000 224
MailChimp130unlimited12201 211
Mailerlite130unlimited45000Discounts available for yearly contracts226
Sendinblue1345000050000 117
Active Campaign135unlimited25000Basic plan214
CleverReach138unlimited20000 218
Mailerlite140unlimited50000Discounts available for yearly contracts226
GetResponse145unlimited25000Standard Email plan212
Aweber149unlimited25000 213
ConvertKit149unlimited15000 222
Drip1497500012500No limit for Autoresponder emails221
Benchmark149.95unlimited25000 224
MailChimp15075007500 111
MailChimp150unlimited25000 211
Newsletter2Go152.7425000250001000 free monthly emails, Price charged in Euro.119
Newsletter2Go163.655100051000Includes 1000 free emails, Price charged in Euro.219
Sendinblue173350000350000Free dedicated IP and all advanced features included217
Mailerlite17572000060000 226
ConvertKit179unlimited20000 222
Benchmark180unlimited30000 224
Drip18410500017500No limit for Autoresponder emails221
Mailerlite19084000070000 226
Benchmark191.95unlimited35000 224
MailChimp198unlimited30000 211
ConvertKit199unlimited25000 222
Infusionsoft199125002500 216
Mailjet199.95350000350000Basic plan220
MailChimp2001000010000 111
Mailerlite20096000080000 226
CleverReach2012500025000 118
CleverReach207unlimited25000 218
MailChimp215unlimited50000 211
Benchmark217.95unlimited45000 224
Drip21913500022500No limit for Autoresponder emails221
Active Campaign225unlimited50000Basic plan214
Mailerlite225108000090000 226
Sendinblue228100000100000 117
Benchmark230.95unlimited50000 224
Mailerlite2401200000100000 226
GetResponse250unlimited50000Standard Email plan212
MailChimp2502500025000 111
CleverReach253unlimited30000 218
Drip25416500027500No limit for Autoresponder emails221
ConvertKit259unlimited35000 222
Benchmark26077000055000 224
Newsletter2Go283.6650000500001000 free monthly emails, Price charged in Euro.119
Drip28919500032500No limit for Autoresponder emails221
Newsletter2Go294.57101000101000Includes 1000 free emails, Price charged in Euro.219
Ontraport29710000025000incl. advanced marketing automation, membership website modules, landing pages etc.223
CleverReach299unlimited35000 218
Infusionsoft299250005000incl. Sales Automation or E-Commerce216
Benchmark31584000060000 224
ConvertKit319unlimited45000 222
Drip32422500037500No limit for Autoresponder emails221
Active Campaign325unlimited75000Basic plan214
Benchmark32791000065000 224
Sendinblue334750000750000Free dedicated IP and all advanced features included217
Benchmark33998000070000 224
CleverReach3455000050000 118
CleverReach345unlimited40000 218
Benchmark352105000075000 224
Drip35925500042500No limit for Autoresponder emails221
Benchmark360112000080000 224
MailChimp37572000075000 211
ConvertKit37982500055000 222
Infusionsoft3795000010000incl. Sales Automation and E-Commerce216
Benchmark382.5119000085000 224
Drip39428500047500No limit for Autoresponder emails221
Mailjet399.95750000750000Basic plan220
MailChimp40096000080000 211
CleverReach403unlimited50000 218
Benchmark405.95126000090000 224
Active Campaign415unlimited100000Basic plan214
MailChimp425102000085000 211
Benchmark427.5133000095000 224
Drip42931500052500No limit for Autoresponder emails221
CleverReach4317500075000 118
ConvertKit43997500065000 222
Benchmark449.951400000100000 224
GetResponse450unlimited100000Standard Email plan212
MailChimp450108000090000 211
CleverReach454300000unlimitedHigh Volume Plan218
Newsletter2Go458.221000001000001000 free monthly emails, Price charged in Euro.119
MailChimp4751200000100000 211
ConvertKit499112500075000 222
MailChimp5005000050000 111
Newsletter2Go523.68501000501000Includes 1000 free emails, Price charged in Euro.219
ConvertKit559127500085000 222
CleverReach575100000100000 118
Ontraport597100000100000incl. advanced marketing automation, membership website modules, landing pages etc.223
Infusionsoft59910000020000incl. Sales Automation and E-Commerce216
Sendinblue60330000003000000Free dedicated IP and all advanced features included217
CleverReach604500000unlimitedHigh Volume Plan218
ConvertKit619142500095000 222
Newsletter2Go621.8710010001001000Includes 1000 free emails, Price charged in Euro.219
ConvertKit6791575000105000 222
CleverReach690unlimited75000 218
Ontraport696200000200000incl. advanced marketing automation, membership website modules, landing pages etc.223
CleverReach7251000000unlimitedHigh Volume Plan218
Newsletter2Go774.6115010001501000Includes 1000 free emails, Price charged in Euro.219
Sendinblue792500000500000 117
Ontraport795300000300000incl. advanced marketing automation, membership website modules, landing pages etc.223
Mailjet799.9525000002500000Basic plan220
CleverReach9031500000unlimitedHigh Volume Plan218
CleverReach920200000200000 118
CleverReach978unlimited100000 218
MailChimp1000200000200000 111
CleverReach10871800000unlimitedHigh Volume Plan218
CleverReach1208300000300000 118
CleverReach12652100000unlimitedHigh Volume Plan218
Newsletter2Go1309.230010003001000Includes 1000 free emails, Price charged in Euro.219
Sendinblue133010000001000000 117
CleverReach14492400000unlimitedHigh Volume Plan218
Newsletter2Go1527.45000005000001000 free monthly emails, Price charged in Euro.119
CleverReach15703000000unlimitedHigh Volume Plan218
CleverReach1725500000500000 118
Sendinblue19461500000015000000Free dedicated IP and all advanced features included217
Newsletter2Go2127.45100000010000001000 free monthly emails, Price charged in Euro.119
CleverReach230010000001000000 118
Newsletter2Go2454.75150000015000001000 free monthly emails, Price charged in Euro.119
CleverReach287520000002000000 118
Newsletter2Go3382.1300000030000001000 free monthly emails, Price charged in Euro.119
CleverReach460050000005000000 118
Please note: Even though we do regularly check, we cannot guarantee whether the prices on this page are accurate and will not be held liable for information that is no longer up to date. Currently, the newsletter calculator compares plans offered by MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, sendinblue, CleverReach, and Newsletter2Go. The included features may vary.

Pay As You Go vs. Subscription – What’s the Difference?

The advantage of pay as you go is that there’s no open-ended contract, so you don’t even have to cancel the service or terminate a contract once you’re no longer interested (this is similar to prepaid cell phone plans). You’re most likely to benefit from this if your newsletter is not, for example, sent out once a month, but more sporadically.

The subscription plans are often less expensive than prepaid plans if you send out at least one newsletter per month. Most providers will allow you to terminate the service on a monthly basis, and most of them also offer you a flat rate for sending. This means that you can select a plan, define up to 5,000 recipients, and then send out as many e-mails to these recipients as you like.

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